Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

San Francisco De La Espada Mission, San Antonio, Texas

Partial ruins on the grounds of the San Francisco De La Espada Mission, San Antonio Texas.

In the 18th century, Franciscan priests from Spain established five Catholic missions along the San Antonio River, primarily to extend Spain’s dominion northward from Mexico, but also to convert and educate the native population. Today, the five missions, San Francisco De La Espada, San Juan Capistrano, Concepcion, San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo and San Antonio de Valero (more commonly known as The Alamo), represent the largest concentration of Spanish colonial missions in North America…


The oldest and southernmost of the five east Texas Missions, the mission was moved to the San Antonio River in 1731. The Espada is the only mission which made it’s own brick as is evidenced by this partial brick wall. The five other missions in this group are

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