Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny


My brother asked me to photograph house doors for a poster called “Doors of Webster Groves” to be sold in his gift shop in Webster Groves, Missouri. Residents were asked  to submit  entries along with a  $10 donation to the Webster Groves School District Foundation and from those entries, he and his staff chose twenty-five favorites. One of those favorites was a tiny “fairy door” at the base of a tree.

Tiny doors of like this  apparently  originated in Wayford Woods in the county  of Somerset, England. According to an article in The Guardian:

“the first fairy door appeared more than a decade ago, a beautifully handcrafted work of art with a working handle, hinges and a little bed tucked behind it.
Since then, doors in all shapes, sizes and colours were added, some adorned with names and numbers. Some builders opted for grandeur – Grand Hollow Hall boasted a door with clear gothic influences. Others went for a more homely style, installing the sort of cosy door that might have appealed to Bilbo Baggins.

Most were fixed to nooks and crannies in the mossy bases of trees. Many visiting children, apparently convinced that fairies lived behind the doors, often left them notes, snacks or presents. As many as 200 doors were in place at one point”.

But, as with many things, too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing. The fairy doors drew such crowds to the residential area that a decision was made to remove the doors.


The completed “Doors of Webster Groves” poster is available for purchase though the” gift shop” link above.

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