Live Burn

Live burnWhen my son was in the Fire Academy, the families were invited to watch a live training exercise. The setting of the sun created a dramatic backdrop for these fire students working to extinguish a blaze. This picture, along with several more, became the basis for my “Hero” poster.

Sunset at Creve Coeur Park


Sunset at Creve Coeur parkLate afternoon at Creve Couer Park in St. Louis County.

My son and I were scrambling to get their family pictures taken before the sun set and we lost the light. We got some really great family pictures and as we were leaving the park, this was the scene to the west. I posted this picture on my Facebook page and a friend commented that I had taken a beautiful picture. I told her that all I did was point the camera and push a button, God did the rest.

Ghost Riders

Ghost Riders in Sunset

Ghost Riders in Sunset

For the first time in a long time, my husband and I went to our camping lots on a holiday weekend. We generally don’t go on holidays because the traffic on the gravel roads is so heavy that at times it is literally impossible to see where you are going. We ventured out from our camping lot on Sunday evening to travel to the dam area where our kids were swimming all the while battling (and coughing) the dust and questioning the wisdom of our actions. As we were leaving the lake, I turned around to see if there were any vehicles behind us when I noticed the beautiful sunset. Just as I composed the shot of the sunset, two four wheelers came out of the dust.