A walk in the rain for a trio of lavender umbrellas

A Walk in the Rain

A walk in the rain for a trio of lavender umbrellas
You know when you sit in a windowless office all day, sometimes it’s even nice to get out in the rain. I decided to drive the couple of blocks to the riverfront to eat my lunch. I couldn’t resist when these three got out of a nearby car and walked down to the river.

Hitched for a Carriage Ride

Ready for the Carriage RideEach Christmas Tillis Park in St. Louis County offers horse drawn carriage rides through its “Winter Wonderland.” As the steam rose up around him, this horse stood patiently waiting for us to board the carriage. It was a rather frigid night, but lap blankets were provided which kept at least the bottom half of us toasty warm.

Reflections of an Ancient Fisherman

Japanese Laterna FestivalI’ve mentioned before the Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis. It is a place that I can visit several times a year and I wouldn’t be bored with it. It is a place I can go and walk for hours on my own and never feel alone as the beauty of nature speaks to me like nothing else in my life. In 2012 the Botanical Garden hosted the Lantern Festival: Art by Day, Magic by Night which encompassed “elaborate outdoor sets crafted of silk and steel celebrated Chinese culture through bold color, dazzling light and striking design.” It was an opportunity to view beautiful light displays in one of the most beautiful places I know.