Adding a person to a photograph

Before Christmas in 2009, one of my co-owner’s wives asked me if I would photograph her family so she could give a family portrait to her husband for Christmas. We did the photo shoot at her friends house and I got many wonderful pictures of this happy family.

The wife later asked if I could add her husband to the picture. Using the ruse that I wanted to have a photograph of him when his telephone number came up on my phone, I took a picture of him sitting at his desk using the digital camera on my telephone. Using Photoshop, added him to the family portrait.

I wasn’t particularly pleased with the background in the photograph, so I used another photograph and placed the family into that photograph.

Looking back on the photograph now, I see things I would like to change, but having committed the cardinal sin in Photoshop, I accidentally saved over the layered copy of the photograph I wanted to change, so there can’t be any more alterations made.

The Wonders of Photoshop

I particularly liked this photograph of my daughter and grandchildren arriving for the wedding. The lush greenery from weeks of rain contrasted beautifully with the red hanging basket and the colors of their clothing. The wedding photographer on the right side though, was a big distraction.


I copied a portion of another photograph I had taken in the same location and pasted it on the right side of this photograph to cover the photographer, blended the edges and then cropped the rest out.


The final touch up was made using the dodge and burn tools.