Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

corleyfoto favorite place

I was once asked, when setting up an online account, what was my favorite color. The gentleman I was speaking to was amazed that I didn’t have a favorite color. Thinking a little further, I realize that I’m one of those people who doesn’t have favorites, or maybe I just can’t articulate it. There are things I like more than others and places I enjoy more than others.
But when thinking of my favorite place, I think I’d have to go all the way back to my childhood to my grandparents farm. It was the place where my mother was raised and it stayed as a farmstead until the mid 80s. I was very saddened when my grandmother decided to sell the farm; it had been in my grandfather’s family for over 100 years.
It wasn’t a large farm, only about sixty acres. It had a couple of barns, chickens and cows. Grandpa grew field corn and we always had a good time popping the kernels off the ear. Mom came from a fairly large family, six brothers and one sister.
Growing up, some of the best times I can remember is having large family picnics with all my cousins at Grandma and Grandpas farm. We’d play in the barn, play softball in the yard, feed the chickens and jump from the hayloft. I admit that I only did that once. We’d hunt for fossils in the creek bed and swing on the grape vines. There is just something about wide open spaces.
Intellectualy, I know that farming is a tough life, but it has always been something I’ve been drawn to. Whenever we go out on the motorcycle or when I make an annual fall photo tour, it’s to the farming country I gravitate to.
This isn’t a photo of my grandparent’s barn, its just one I’ve photographed on our many motorcycle rides.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify


Transmogrify: “to change in appearance or form, especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.”

I have to admit this word stumped me. I guess I’ve heard the word before and even though I was a fan of Calvin and Hobbs, I don’t remember the transmogrifier, the cardboard box that Calvin used.

I took this photo a couple years ago on the island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. My husband and I were sitting on the veranda of our cabin and watched as the sky steadily changed and darkened and harkened the oncoming storm.

It’s funny when you see a photo you haven’t looked at in a while. I stared for the longest time at the left side of this photo wondering what the heck I was seeing. I kept thinking the shiny pointed object was the blade of a knife and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how a knife had gotten into the picture. It was only after zooming in on the image and studying it for a while, I realized it was the light reflecting off the top of a deck umbrella. Phew. Solved that problem. I thought I had a gremlin or something! Perfect for a Freddy Kruger Halloween!.

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Bucolic Country Calhoun County, Illinois

Bucolic Country

Bucolic Country Calhoun County, Illinois

One of my most favorite motorcycle road trips is through the bucolic countryside of Calhoun County, Illinois. Located between the Illinois and Mississippi rivers, it is a short ferry ride from my home. There is nothing that rivals the beauty of its rolling hills.

borer bee on an echinacea flower

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

borer bee on an echinacea flower

Each summer when the Echinacea (purple cone flower) blooms in front of my house, the borer bees have a picnic. These bees don’t seem to bother humans unless, of course, you end up accidentally trapping one of them close to your body. Their sting is extremely painful, I have first hand knowledge.

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Snow Flurries

Snow Flurries

We are so spoiled here in the St. Louis area with having experienced such mild winters of late that this winter has been really hard; extreme cold and more snow than I can remember in a long time. Just above the roof tops, the moon can be seen peeking through the trees.

Doors of Saint Louis, Central West End Edition

Doors of Saint Louis, Central West End poster available from Relish Cards & Gifts, 22 N. Euclid, St. Louis, MO. As a fundraiser, Bruce Shoults of the The Great Frame Up Central West End, asked patrons to enter their doors into a contest to be chosen to be included on the “Doors of St. Louis, Central West End Edition” poster. The chosen doors where photographed by me and the design based on a previous Doors poster (designer unknown)was developed by me in Photoshop CS4 into the poster seen below.

Doors of Saint Louis, Central West End Edition

Doors of Saint Louis, Central West End Edition