Nature’s Dance

Nature's Dance
An email from one of the many Photoshop websites I follow contained a tutorial that provided the inspiration for this composite. Using my own background photo; a ballerina (thanks Royln!), a stone, a dove, some leaves and lots of adjustment layers and filters gave me the final creation, “Nature’s Dance”.

Sunset Composite

I’m looking for some suggestions. I know there have to be a lot of Photoshop aficionados out there who could give me suggestions on this composite. I started playing with this composite with a Panama Beach, Florida sunset and an engagement photo I took. I can’t seem to get the composite not to look flat, especially around the woman’s legs. Any ideas? I tried the drop shadow but it doesn’t seem to do the trick. Also, I couldn’t get the refine edge to work but it might have been because I had used a mask to mask out the area around the couple and then applied the mask.Sunset composite