Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon


Why is this new horizons? After almost five years out of the law enforcement business, 2017 will bring me back to my roots as I put the gun belt on again. Firearms qualifications is just one of the many skills I had to brush up on in order to achieve this “new horizon”.

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From photo to watercolor

I recently had to do a project for my Digital Video Editing class (aka Adobe Premiere and Fireworks) so I decided to do a video tutorial  on my favorite photo transformation. When the school project is completed, I’ll post a link to it on Youtube. Here’s the original photograph taken on my recent vacation in St. Croix:

Harbor in St. Croix

And here is the final product from my four minute tutorial:

Harbor in St. Croix watercolor


Dreamweaver Mid-Semester project

I haven’t done much work in Photoshop the last several months since I’ve begun taking the Dreamweaver class (Website design using Adobe Dreamweaver) at SCCC. Our mid-semester project requires us to remake a current website. I found a completely horrible website for Abby Lee Dance Studios (http://www.abbyleedancecompany.com/), and as some may know it, the home of Lifetime’s Dance Moms. This first capture is what you encounter when you first open the Abby Lee Dance Studio site.

dance studio header

Opening header for Abby Lee Dance Studio

This next capture is my index page makeover of Abby Lee’s site. Unfortunately my laptop only has a 14″ screen, so the snipping tool will only capture part of the page.

Abby Lee makeover

Abby Lee Dance Studio website makeover by Marsha Corley

Hero Poster, Adobe InDesign

This poster made using Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, was my final project for the Publishing Design class at St. Charles Community College. I made it to honor my son, Tom and he is depicted in the photograph labeled “Valor”. The photographs were taken by me at his live fire training for the St. Charles County Fire Academy and using Photoshop, I created each individual photograph to make it appear as though it were a polaroid photograph.