Back of the Bike

      My husband has a Harley Davidson that he loves to ride. It took me several years to get the courage to get on the back, but now I enjoy it. My favorite ride is up Hwy 79 or across the river to Grafton and the Great River Road. I always take my older camera […]

Bikers for Babies

I created this collage using photographs I took of people attending the Biker’s for Babies ride in 2010. Each photograph was selected from its background and  a hue and saturation adjustment layer added.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

On the Way…Getting there is half the fun. A couple years ago, I put together this short pictorial of photographs I’ve taken while riding on the back of my husband’s motorcycle, entitled most appropriately “Back of the Bike, View from the Harley Seat”. I borrowed probably my most favorite song, John Denver’s “Take Me Home […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Whenever my husband and I go out on our motorcycle (a Harley Davidson, of course), I take along my “cycle” camera. It’s my old Canon EOS 10D and has been dropped when I got dumped off the back of the bike and beat against the rear tire when I forgot I hung it on the […]

Evolution of my Passion

I’ve been an avid photographer for over thirty years and I’ve never parted with any camera that I bought. The first camera I purchased beyond  simple point and shoot cameras was in 1980, the fully manual Minolta XG7 (lower left). I used that camera for twenty years until I decided to treat myself to the […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

Many times when I see the weekly photo challenge word, an image instantly comes to mind. Looking at the word “Spare”, nothing immediately to mind so I decided to look at the definitions in the dictionary. Webster’s described “spare” as both a “transitive” and an “intransitive” verb. Of course, this harkens back to English classes […]