Weekly Photo Challenge: Prolific

corleyfoto prolific

Prolific. What an appropriate word for what we go through each summer for several weeks. The white tufts from the cottonwood tree in our backyard and those that abut the creek bed down the street from us, fly through the air much the same as snow does in the winter, and piles up the same way. A fact I learned today…our tree must be a female, as only the female trees shed their cottony seeds.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Smile

corleyfoto owl in tree cropped

Northern Barred Owl or Hoot Howl

I was driving home from work one evening and glanced to the side and saw this beautiful creature sitting in the tree. Naturally, I had to pull over and I was so excited that he was just seemingly sitting there patiently waiting on me to take his picture. Really, really made me smile.
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