Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

corleyfoto delta by the river

Having grown up practically on the banks of the Missouri River, we always knew the power behind it and it’s ability to change our lives, most likely in an unpleasant way. The first flood I remember was 1973. I was newly married, but still very much a youngster, being only 18 years old. The road I drove to where we lived came very close to the banks of the Missouri River. When I approached the area, I found that the road was flooded. I sat and contemplated what I should do when I saw a large truck drive through the flood waters. Being young and dumb, I didn’t consider the fact that this truck sat much higher than my Chevrolet Nova, and proceeded to follow the truck through the flood waters. He made it through, I did not.

To see more of this week’s challenge, click Delta.


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