Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

corleyfoto security-1

In one of my cases when I worked in the Cyber Crime unit of the Sheriff’s Department, I was preparing to apply for a search warrant for a residence that was not visible from the roadway. This necessitated a trip up in the helicopter in order for me to view the residence and be able to describe it in my warrant application. I was very fortunate the day I went up that the crew had other missions to fly so instead of just getting to go up and view our destination, I got to fly around the entire county. It was such a great experience. We flew over what, to me, had been my security for most of my adult life, my church, Our Savior Lutheran in St. Charles, Missouri. You can see by looking at it how the physical church has grown over it’s 50 years, starting with the rectangular building on the left. The next progression was the church itself on the right and lastly, the gym and classrooms in the back. Sadly, although the preschool is doing well,  the church body hasn’t grown, but has declined the last few years. Things change, people change.  The buildings can remain the same, but the heart may go out.

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