Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun

corleyfoto fun

A couple years ago, I got to go on my son’s honeymoon to Panama City Beach, Florida. I’m sure my new daughter-in-law would rather her new groom was with her, however, he had been accepted into the Fire Academy and couldn’t take the time off. I went with her to spell her from driving alone the entire twelve hours from our home in St. Louis. One of the places we visited while in Panama City was Zoo World Zoological and Botanical Conservatory. I had been feeding this giraffe grain from my right hand when he decided he would rather have the whole bag. What fun!

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fun

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    • It was a very good time. The fire academy was actually on a lottery basis. Put in your name and hope to be picked. He’d missed out once before so he really didn’t except his name to be chosen, but it all worked out.

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