Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare

Many times when I see the weekly photo challenge word, an image instantly comes to mind. Looking at the word “Spare”, nothing immediately to mind so I decided to look at the definitions in the dictionary. Webster’s described “spare” as both a “transitive” and an “intransitive” verb. Of course, this harkens back to English classes of many years ago, and I have to admit, I have no clue what transitive or intransitive verb is.

Going again to the source of all knowledge, Google.com, I found an explanation under grammar-monster.com. A “transitive” verb is a action that is done to something or someone and an “intransitive” verb is a action that stands alone. But down at the very bottom of the definitions, I found the explanation of the word “spare” that most often comes to mind to me. To have a “spare” is to have an extra; have more left in case you run out of something; like “an heir and a spare” which the Princes William and Harry were once called.

After I thought about it in that context, the following photo came to mind. It was taken during Bike Week in Sturgis, South Dakota, and it is very obvious that should one motorcycle not be enough, there were plenty to “spare”.

corleyfoto weekly photo spare2

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