Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

Missouri Botanical Garden: Magic Remembered

Not  three separate angles (okay so its only one angle), but three separate views. This is one of “22 new, larger-than-life installations crafted of silk, steel and porcelain” that  celebrates the Missouri Botanical Garden’s “ongoing botanical research and partnerships in China.” It changed colors about every 10 seconds. The spires on the right are crafted of only porcelain cups and saucers. The whimsical creation on the left is made of silk and steel.

corleyfoto latern festival blue

corleyfoto latern festival green

corleyfoto latern festival red

Those of us that live in the St. Louis Metropolitan area are blessed with many wonderful attractions; Missouri Botanical Garden; St. Louis Zoo, The Gateway Arch, The City Museum….oh yeah, and Ferguson ;).
To see more of this week’s challenge, click here.


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