Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

DIALOGUE:; [dahy-uh-lawg]


  • conversation between two or more persons.
  • an exchange of ideas opinions on a particular issue, especially a political or issue, with a view to reaching an amicable agreement or settlement.
  • a literary work in the form of a conversation:

verb used without object

  • to carry on a dialogue conversation.
  • to discuss areas of disagreement frankly in order to resolve them.

verb used with object

  • to put into the form of a dialogue.

I have to say I was stumped with the photo topic “dialogue” and the description that was initially given. Nothing readily came to mind as it usually does when I see the weekly challenge. I have to thank Uncle Spike’s Adventures for giving me another viewpoint for “Dialogue.” It is easy when you see the nonverbal interactions of animals with others and imagine the dialogue between them.

corleyfoto dialogue one

corleyfoto dialogue four

corleyfoto dialogue two

Will you take it off now?

corleyfoto dialogue three

Give me a lip kiss Mommy!


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