Evolution of my Passion

Five different cameras

I’ve been an avid photographer for over thirty years and I’ve never parted with any camera that I bought. The first camera I purchased beyond  simple point and shoot cameras was in 1980, the fully manual Minolta XG7 (lower left). I used that camera for twenty years until I decided to treat myself to the Canon EOS Elan IIE. Not only was it autofocus, it was eye-controlled autofocus! But then the digital camera came on the scene. My first digital camera was the Kodak DC 4800, it was a whopping 3 megapixels and I was totally hooked. Who wanted to wait for the printed picture when you could see immediately what you had just photographed? Canon then came out with their digital EOS line. I waited a year or two and purchased the 10D. It doubled the megapixels from my Kodak  to  six megapixels! Who could want more than that? Everyone! Two years ago I purchased the Canon EOS 50D and moved up to 15 megapixels. Canon has now come out with the 70D which offers 20.2 megapixels. Will I be moving up again? Probably not for a while. I still carry the 10D when my husband and I go out on our motorcycle. It’s been bounced off the ground (at the same time I was) from the back of the bike, and beaten against the rear tire for miles when I forgot I’d hung it off the backrest. It’s like a Timex, takes a licking and keeps on ticking. I use my 50D when I’m out for some serious photography. Incidentally, this photograph was taken using my son’s Canon EOS Rebel T3, a fantastic little lightweight camera. Lightweight only in its size, but not in the quality of its pictures.