A Place in Infamy, the Dallas Book Depository

Dallas Book Depository

 Several years ago, I attended the Crimes Against Children Conference in Dallas. During this visit, I discovered the Reunion Tower at the Hyatt Regency and spent as much time as I could taking pictures from that height. This picture is of the Dallas Book Depository and Dealy Plaza. As with almost anyone who was alive at the time of JFK’s assassination, I remember distinctly what I was doing that day. I was in third grade and we had just returned inside from recess when the loud speaker came on and told us that JFK had been assassinated.  At the time, I did not grasp the meaning of this momentous occasion but I do remember watching the nonstop television coverage over the next couple days.

Cyclist in the Mist

Goldenrod Showboat in FogThe early morning mist rising off the Missouri River was the perfect backdrop for the lone cyclist who stopped to drop a line in the river. Forty-five minutes after I took this photograph, our lives changed forever when a plane struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

Atlas Moth – The Flying Kind

Atlas Moth
This photo was inspired by Rich Lemonie‘s photograph in the December issue of Photoshop User, the magazine for members of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. I shot this image of an Atticus Atlas moth several years ago at the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House, in Faust Park in St. Louis County, a part of the Missouri Botanical Garden . I knew it was a moth, just not which kind, so I went to my go-to source, Google. Did you know there is a band named Atlas Moth? Neither did I, at least not until I clicked on the link and realized the site was not about a small flying creature.
I used a number of filters and adjustment masks to achieve a look I was happy with.Photoshop

For anyone really into Photoshop, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals is well worth the subscription price. Not only do you get access to full length Photoshop classes on video, tutorials, member discounts and forums, you get ten issues of the magazine “Photoshop User”.

Making like Wyeth – Dog on Bed

You never know what will inspire you…


My rendition of Andrew Wyeth’s “Master Bedroom – Dog on Bed”

Lily on Bed

I posted this photograph on my Facebook page of my “little girl” making herself at home on the bed.

Lily on the BedOne of my friends said it looked just like Wyeth’s Dog on Bed

Andrew Wyeth's Dog on a Bed

Thanks to Photoshop and “justthisgood” for his Youtube tutorial, “Perfect Sepia Tone Effect” for helping me create the best looking sepia tone.

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Mississippi Silhouette

Man in Silhouette On our motorcycle ramblings the other day, around 3:00 in the afternoon we stopped in the park across from Pierre Marquette State Park outside Grafton, Illinois. In 1980, one of the first “ahh” photographs I took with my brand new Minolta XG7, was a silhouette shot from Creve Coeur Park in St. Louis County. It was of a man and his dog on the bank of the lake with the sun setting in the background. Way back then, we had to wait a week or more to see the results of the pictures we took. I’d like to say that I had carefully planned that shot, but it was just a pleasant surprise. This photograph was intentional, and thanks to the advances in technology, I knew what it looked like in five seconds. Man, I love digital photography.

Sunset at Creve Coeur Park


Sunset at Creve Coeur parkLate afternoon at Creve Couer Park in St. Louis County.

My son and I were scrambling to get their family pictures taken before the sun set and we lost the light. We got some really great family pictures and as we were leaving the park, this was the scene to the west. I posted this picture on my Facebook page and a friend commented that I had taken a beautiful picture. I told her that all I did was point the camera and push a button, God did the rest.

Going Back in Time

Going back in TimeBack in the 1970s, one of my favorite television shows was “The Waltons.” The fictional Walton family was a large, loving family who lived in a fictional mountain town in rural Virginia. The show was set during the time of 1933-1944, a time when my mother would have been growing up on her parents farm in what was then, rural St. Charles County. I remember Grandpa had a barn that was full of smells, some good and some bad. He kept his cows in there and that was the only inside place the cats were allowed to be. It had a hayloft that my boy cousins loved to jump out but I don’t think I ever got the nerve to do it. Yesterday, while we were out on the motorcycle, we passed this barn and I snapped this picture. Brings back memories.