Warm Hearts

Warm Hearts

You never know when a photo opportunity will present itself. I was attending a Ladies Tea at our church, sitting at our wonderfully decorated table and pretending to be listening to the speaker, when in actually I was framing and shooting this picture. It became the basis of my Christmas card that year.

Floating Chihuly Balls Missouri Botanical Park

Floating Chihuly Balls, Missouri Botannical GardenOne of the most beautiful places in St. Louis is the Missouri Botannical Gardens in the heart of the city, consisting of 79 acres of the most beautiful greenery, flowers and sculptures imaginable. In 2006, the Garden hosted an exhibit of glass artist, Dale Chihuly, throughout the Park. These balls were floating in the Angels Reflecting Pool in front of the Climatron.botannical gardens horizontalHere is the same image in black and white with only the floating balls in color.

Quadracci Pavilion Milwaukee Art Musuem

Milwaukee Art Musuem

Several years ago, I took one of those “white-hair” bus tours to the Milwaukee area with my step-daughter and her mother. My step-daughter and I were definitely two of the youngest on the tour, but I’ve got to say, it was a great trip with a very entertaining tour guide. One of our stops was to the Milwaukee Art Musuem on the shores of Lake Michigan. This shot is of the interior of the Quadracci Pavilion built in 2001 by renown architect, Santiago Calatrava. When I first posted this picture on the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, it was chosen as one of the photos of the week.

Feeding Pidgeons on Pier 39

Feeding Pidgeons on Pier 39One of the best perks about being with the Internet Crimes Task Force was the ability to travel. My first year in the Task Force I was given the chance to attend the national Internet Crimes Against Children conference in San Jose, California. It was four days of training in all facets of internet crimes and great networking opportunities. Several of us took an afternoon off to “network” in San Francisco at Pier 39. The man in this picture had just thrown a handful of crumbs on a raised bench for the pidgeons as the seagulls swarmed looking for a handout.

Live Burn

Live burnWhen my son was in the Fire Academy, the families were invited to watch a live training exercise. The setting of the sun created a dramatic backdrop for these fire students working to extinguish a blaze. This picture, along with several more, became the basis for my “Hero” poster.